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How I Got Over the Anger

20140516-225914.jpgMy emotions have been all over the place for about a year now.

Then about six months ago things went from unfortunate to unbearable.

Those events left me with major bitterness and oppressive anger that I could not shake. Although I had figured out how to cope; it was just buried right under the surface and really didn’t take much to set it off.

Because I was so angry I was not willing to confront the source of my anger, I wanted nothing to do with him. Which worked out fine because for a good long time he was as the kids say “in the wind”.

So then Mother’s Day came and went and the bitterness began to flare again. So in typical “Jennifer” fashion I googled “how to let go of anger” and I found a few really helpful articles like this one; 20 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Angry with Someone.

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