Love Killers: Perfection 

People are human.

I know that seems a bit redundant, but let me explain from the context of relationships. I know you are probably flawless, but most humans have the capacity to be sad, angry, scared, liars, too honest…even the most prayerful and perfect people fall short.

When we are in love we tend to expect our partner to embody our vision of perfection every moment of every day.

When they fall a little short, we “try” to live with their flaws.

In the biblical definition of love, patience is the first requirement. Before you express your love for someone, it’s important have an understanding of the human parts of them.

Like you, the one you love is well aware of their shortcomings. If they are, like most humans, they are probably trying to work on their shortcomings, like we all are.

When faced with the shortcomings of the one you love, consider handling challenges gently, with love in the way you might want to be treated if you fall short one day.

Love is patient! or at least it should make an effort to be.

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