Love Killers: Thirst

The desire to not appear “thirsty” has to be one of they big reasons couples today struggle to get new relationships off the ground.

You are considered needy or crazy if you don’t participate in the struggle not appear like you don’t need a parter on this earth. Women act distracted and aloof even in the midst of the perfect guy. Men make it a point to distract themselves to the point where they ignore women, and call it “just being a man”.

Both men and women will quickly kick to the curb any partner who seems to enjoy their company too much.

So then we all end up in love with only the most careless and non committal of all the partners we’ve had to choose from. And we complain when the partner we have settled upon does not pay too much attention to us.

It’s because everyone has trained each other to appreciate dehydration in a partner.

People by nature are created to support each other; we need each other.  To behave as if we don’t to avoid looking “thirsty” is  perpetuating this disfunction.

If you meet someone you like, let them know. If they run away, it’s because they’re all dried out.

That is not a true manifestation of love; love is kind. 


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