Achieving Your Destiny: Part III

Achieving Your Destiny: Part III
By: Mia L. Hazlett

Step II – Write Down Your Fears

I believe the most powerful thing that can happen to you is having your dreams come true. It strengthens your faith and creates a process for achievement at the same time. But I think many people struggle with their dreams when they face rejection or when facing stillness. If they don’t get the job or go on the second date, that’s it!! They’re not going on another interview or dating anymore. Or if they’ve done what they need to do, hearing nothing is the worst thing. There is some saying about patience being a virtue.

This is why it is just as important to write down your fears. Number one it’s okay to be scared and two it allows you to figure out how you are going to overcome your obstacles. If you operate with an arrogance that achieving your dreams is going to be easy and without obstacles, you are going to take the hardest fall when faced with adversity.

Currently I live in Massachusetts and am buried under 90 million feet of snow. Yes, 90 million, or at least it feels like it. The news reported the blizzard and the subsequent storms that followed. I stocked up on food, batteries, flashlights, water, new shovel, driveway salt, and made sure my car had a full tank of gas. All of this was to prepare in case we lost power (thankfully we did not). I was prepared and happy the worst did not happen. I could have ignored the news and two weeks later I would still be trapped in my house. Remember? Ninety million feet of snow?

That’s what is so magical about this list. A lot of it is in your head. Some of the things will never happen! Writing down your fears is not being negative. It is part of the plan of pursuing your dreams. It’s only negative if it is the cause of you not pursuing your dreams. Don’t allow your fears to stifle you because most of the time they are speculation. In my case, “we could lose power.” I was prepared, but not stressed and consumed with the thought of losing power. I shoveled and the girls played in the snow with no concerns.

Don’t let your fears stress and consume you. If you write out what they are, you will be able to plan around them if they even occur. That way, when you are on the track of success, and that fear rears its ugly face, Plan B will take over like automatic pilot and get you back on the right course.

Copyright © 2015 – Mia L. Hazlett


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