Achieving Your Dreams: Part III

Achieving Your Destiny: Part III
By: Mia L. Hazlett

Step II – Expect the Devil to Crash Your Party

When you pursue your dreams and trust in God, Satan gets angry. He wants your dreams to fail. But if you believe your dream will come with no adversity just because you pray, you are a fool. I believe that is why many people give up on their dreams. Instead of treating God as God, they treat him like a magic genie. They want to dream, snap their fingers, and *POOF*, they are living their dream. Good luck with that.

That is why I said it is important to write your dream down. When Satan shows up, God doesn’t change course, because it’s part of the plan. Being of the flesh, we change our plan and allow in fear and discouragement. We look back and try to go back to our comfort zone. Everyone wants to feel safe. That’s natural. But when you expect Satan to show up, God will prepare you. David went towards Goliath, he did not retreat and hide in fear. There is a reason why Psalm 23:5 was written. You will be in the presence of your enemies. They will show up to discount and discourage your dreams.

I was talking to my BFF who is in the midst of making one of her dreams come true. The table was set before her in the presence of her “friends”, and they brought about nothing but discouragement. When she called me, she was low on faith and thinking about turning back. I told her to ignore all of these people, because none of them had done what she is trying to do. Her dreams were not theirs, so they tried their best to fit her huge dreams, into their tiny box.

It is important to face Satan during your struggle, it’s basically unavoidable. But as you sit at that table with him, ask yourself this, has this person ever accomplished not only your goal, but have they achieved any of their own?

Copyright © 2015 Mia L. Hazlett

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