6 Steps to Embracing The Blessing

imageYou’ve had a hope or a prayer in your heart for years. Then one day, that still small voice inside begins to whisper. “Hey, remember that thing you wanted, well here it is”.

Are you brave enough to step in and accept the desires of your heart?

Yeah, at first I was a little hesitant too. From the time I heard the whisper until the day I decided to jump took me about three weeks. I did it the hard way. But lucky for you I remember what steps I took on the way there. There were about six.

I stumbled through every single one of them. But that doesn’t matter, because I am here now; excited and getting prepared as quickly as I can for the changes that I can see heading my way.

1. Listen to the voices

I spent weeks denying what was right in front of me. People asked, and I said “No, that’s not going to happen.” Straight away. After a few weeks of going to church and getting talked about by the pastor, I changed my tune. I realized that our destination is dependent ability to listen to our instincts. Being obedient to that small voice inside of you that tells you to take a right when everyone else is going left is what is going to get you to your destination .

2. Verbalize the blessing

I didn’t even want to tell anyone about what was going on with me. I was afraid to say it out loud, for so many reasons. But after I embraced it my voice suggested that I began to tell people. I never told them what I wanted, just shared the facts, and something amazing happened. They all asked “well are you going to…” It’s like they knew what I was told to sacrifice.

Sometimes God will confirm his instructions through trusted sources, aka my BFF.

3. Embrace “I deserve this”

I have failed so many times that I just assumed that God was probably not going to do it for me. Getting comfortable with it being your turn can be a challenge. Think about the failures and how they got you to the place you are right now. If it wasn’t for those “no’s” you would have never arrived at this yes.

This yes is for you.

4. Reject comfort

Comfort and complacency are first cousins. What happens when you spend every day on the couch? You get fat and lazy. The same holds true for life. Its fine to get comfortable after all your work is done. Sure stop and take a break. However you were never meant to stay there.

When you hear the call get on up out of the comfort zone and get to work.

5. Declare it

This is one of the more advanced moves. Once you have gotten up off the couch, you should begin boldly declaring that desire as an expectation. This is a bit different from verbalizing it. That’s more about putting the hope out there for feedback. This action is a bit bolder. If you’re not ready to shout is from the rooftop or tell your mom, maybe start by telling your dog, she’ll be happy for you.

Moving from nervous to excited is a part of activating the blessing.

6. Jump

Start preparing your sacrifice. If you have to sell things, or give them away or stop doing something or get some paperwork filled out to get started, start doing that. Act like the change is coming before it gets there.

Because you know it’s coming.


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