Five Tips for Devising Your Plan B

pole alternativesAs many of you know my friends have inspired this series.

These are strong beautiful women who began as women in love with a man. They were part of a family.

Then over time something happened, and one day they hit the final straw and that family fell apart.

The plan was for them, man and woman to work together to keep their home and raise those children.

But as we all know plans change.

Many of our grandmothers told us to have a backup plan. A little extra money set aside “for a rainy day”

How many of took this advice seriously?

If you did, then you are probably doing better in this single mother challenge than our friends who did not.

So you didn’t heed that advice and you’re in a situation. What now?

Often we stay in bad marriages or relationships because we are not financially able to get out. We know that we don’t have the means to support ourselves or our children without the contributions of that partner.

So what do you do then? That’s a pretty simple answer ; YOU NEED MORE MONEY!

Where do you start?
So how do you do that short of learning to work a pole? You have to figure out what gifts you might have that people are willing to pay for. It’s really the same concept at the pole; but maybe with a little more dignity.

The blessing of being able to stay home and raise your children can also be your downfall. You may have worked for years before you went home to be a mom, but the workplace moves on and unless you keep your skills up you may not be able to jump right back in.

1 Who am I??
Are you a people person or a lone wolf?
Are you a great organizer, or do you have the golden touch with hair and makeup?

If you have been out of it for a while. Or you hated your last job what do you do now.

Start by making a list of all the things you’re good… I mean everything! Then a separate list for the things you love to do or have always wanted to try, no matter how crazy. Take those lists and think about ways to make money with those skills.

Also important is knowing who you are. There are are a few very good personality tests that might help you to narrow it down.

Myers -Briggs –
Career Aptitude Test –

2 Make it Temporary
Most cities have temporary work agencies that staff companies with admin assistants, customer service reps and other types of staff for 5 day jobs as well as positions that last years or turn into permanent positions. Call one or two and interview with them. They often will also help with your résumé and interview skills.

3 Give it Away
There are so many hospitals, schools and non profit organization that will allow you to do or help with almost any job in the building.

Answer phones, file, send emails, organize events, marketing, sales, fundraising…

If you don’t have recent experience or reference this is a great way to get that while helping your community.

4 Hang out with the cool kids
There are professional organizations for every type of job. They are full of the people most engaged at getting better at the type of work they do and helping others do the same. HR people also stake out these orgs to fill positions.

5 Back to school
Feeling rusty? You might need to go take a class or two. When you check job openings and you have no clue what the software skills they are asking for are, go try and find a basic skills class. Many leisure learning programs and office stores like Micro center have these types of classes. Also look into Community colleges small local colleges and online classes.

However you decide to approach it, I think the most important thing is to put any fears, or insecurities aside and move forward. So what you weren’t prepared this time, you have been through worse than this, you can do whatever you set your mind to. You’re motivation is different now. I’d bet he will never catch you unprepared again!


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