I Think: The Real Christian vs. The Perfect Christian

By: Mia L. Hazlett

January 31, 2013


Yup!  That’s what it’s like when you have a real Christian in the room with a perfect Christian – Angel vs. Devil, that’s my opinion anyways. I was on the shuttle to my parking lot today and overheard this conversation.  These two women, maybe in their late forties, were bashing their “friend” because she was once again late for Bible study.  The overall conversation explained how their “friend” had to leave work, get her kids, do the dinner “thing”, and that made them late.  “I’m not taking her anymore.  She is going to have to figure out a new way.  And it’s not like she’s even been to church in like two weeks.”

People like them are perceived to be perfect Christians because they go to Bible study, and church.  Meanwhile I view their friend as the real Christian.  She busted her ass all day and did her best to make it home, tend to her family, and devote her evening to Bible study.  Bless her heart.

You see to me, maybe not you, to be a Christian, you must have a relationship with God.  Now you can decorate yourself real “Christlike” with a church and religion, some memorized scripture, and come off as a Christian, no problem.  In my eyes, WRONG!!!  If you go to church, you are a church member.  If you are Catholic, you have a religion.  If you can quote Scripture, you are very good at memorizing, kudos to you!  If you go to Bible study, well aren’t you rehearsed at your role!  It’s a role you’re playing, but honestly, for who?  Are you really going to heaven if you look the part, but lack the you-God relationship?  Can you really fake it all and fool God?  Now I’m not saying this is an act for everyone, but I’ve found some who think that is what makes them a Christian.

You see, people pass their judgment on me often.  I do my best at serving my God, but fall short at least weekly.  Trust me, it took me a long time to get off the daily.  I don’t go to church.  I do the on-line thing.  You see I found a church and pastor that I liked for my family. We used to attend, but then I moved out-of-state.  It was a mega church where I could hide from all the gossip and perfection.  I wasn’t the best dressed, nor the worst.  I could follow along in my Bible as my Pastor preached.  If he used a testimony to help deliver his message, he would quote a relevant passage.  I didn’t feel like he was trying to brainwash or push his opinions on me.

Understand, to me, the term “real Christian” can be substituted with one word, human.  And that’s what I am, human.  I get angry.  I swear.  I wish death on those who drive slow in the left lane, in the middle of rush hour.  I don’t particularly care for chatty cell phone people on the shuttle ride into work at six in the morning.  I’ve even had the nerve to kick people out of the Gossip Club if I find out they’ve been holding onto the gossip for more than a day.  That’s right, I have a gossip club.  The membership list is highly confidential.

But ultimately, all of these IMPERFECTIONS, are exactly the reason I need Jesus.  He doesn’t expect perfection.  God would not have given His only son, if He made humans perfect.  However, because I have a RELATIONSHIP with God, I have a conscience to do right.  I can’t go a day without talking to God or praying.  It just doesn’t feel right.  And the best thing about my relationship with God, I don’t have to dress it up with the show.  I study my Bible in my home, because that’s what I have time for.  I write to Him in my journal and pray every day and night.  Sometimes they are lengthy heartfelt prayer, sometimes a quick, “Jesus, I’m about to lose it, reel me in.”

Point is, why do you need God if you’re perfect?


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