What I Know About: Feeding The Baby

Cheetos for dinner
Thanks to Nadine L. for texting the evidence

“You cannot feed my godson Cheetos for dinner!” Is what I said to one of my good friends, as calmly as I possibly could. “He needs protein and vegetables and I carbs too I think. Cheetos are not real food, the are manufactured in a factory.

You shouldn’t have made his the godmother, if you didn’t want to hear my mouth. ” I wasn’t there, but I hear he had a cookie for dessert, and washed it down with fruit punch. Wow.

I get it, it’s hard to “make” kids eat healthy, especially if they are not already in the habit.

Don’t get me wrong I am not one of those never McDonalds natzi moms. I do admit you would be hard pressed to find a fruit loop or a coke in my house, but my kids know what a McNugget tastes like.

I try to keep it balanced. More often than not they get good real food. Rachael Ray is sorta my hero, I am all about the 30-minute meal. Grapes are a snack, cookies are a treat. Desert is a small portion. I have learned to spend more in groceries than fast food. I try to feed them before we go out to run errands, and I try to keep a few snacks in a baggie just in case.

I also realized that if I am out or feeling just too lazy to cook there are so many sit down restaurants that are about the same price as fast food. At least at Chilli’s they can get a veggie and a juice.

So far it’s worked out, the girls are a healthy weight, they have developed very healthy eating habits of their own.

Third times’ the charm
With this new baby in the house I am even more committed than ever to getting this one on the right nutritional path. She nursed longer than any of the other kids. My boobs may hurt a little, but I am pretty proud of that.  I am also making the vast majority of her food. Not only is it cheaper, I know how much sodium and whatnot is in it.

I love my children very equally, but they older ones are pretty vocal about how great she is being treated compared to them, I can sort of see their point.

So now I have an awesome eight month old who eats yams, salmon, chicken, carrots summer squash and all kinds of things. She is on perfect target for height and weight, and I suspect her diet has something to do with that.

Another woman told me she was having a hard time getting her one year old son to eat. She noticed little girls seemed more open to foods than her son, maybe its a boy thing.

But she also realized if she ads a little seasoning or banana or applesauce and he is more likely to eat it. Ah ha! Sometimes its about trying things, and figuring out what works best for your kiddo.

It wasn’t just the Cheetos that set me off. He is not a baby anymore, he’s going to be in school soon, and he won’t eat most foods. No fish, chicken or vegetables. He eats mostly processed foods, and fast food but he’s not fat because he’s in all kinds of sports. But if he ever stops the sports and he continues with that diet he could be in real trouble.

I know it’s hard, and its’ easier just to give them what they want. But you are the mom and providing guidance about what is best for your your kids’ health and well being is your job. You have to start early, you have to model the behavior you want them to adopt, and you buy the food, you make the meals, you control what they eat and don’t eat.  They don’t have jobs.  If they eat crap, you or someone you know fed them crap.

I know, it’s  one hell of a job,the pay sucks, and the boss is moody, but the alternative is worse.


One thought on “What I Know About: Feeding The Baby”

  1. Versatile Blogger Award. I nominated you.


    An award?

    Awarded to Moi?

    Surely there must be some mistake! Have you seen my life lately? It’s hardly award worthy in my opinion – although I might qualify for an episode or two of Punked! There must be some sort of strings attached – like dibs on my first born or something.

    Oh wait – there are strings! Here they are:

    Once you are nominated, you have been awarded the award. Woohoo!!

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    Done and done.

    Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
    My dream was to become an author, and I did. I published my own book last year.
    I have two amazing daughters. One absolutely amazes me with what a lovely young lady she’s become and the other’s lack of filter keeps me very grounded.
    I’m attempting to master the art of exercising and good diet simultaneously. I’ve achieved them both, just not at the same time. That’s my next big goal.
    I’m currently living on a cash only diet. No credit. It takes a lot of discipline, but I’m now used to it.
    I’m scared of the dark. Hate it. Don’t like it at all. We will never be friends.
    I’m currently in the process of writing 5 books simultaneously. It’s one of my greatest writing challenges, but it’s working out better than I thought it would.
    I want to be a writer when I grow up.
    My nominees:

    I 2 Am Every Woman – I used to contribute to this blog on the regular years ago. But this blog has been maintained by my BFF. She is my soul mate and godmother to my children. She speaks on topics with no fluff.

    Everyone Has A Story – I love her for her honesty. This blog let’s me know I am not alone with my life struggles. Bird has done a superb job.

    Sexy Christian Wife – I love this blog, because as a Christian woman, so many people hold you to some holy standard that does not allow a bit of your feminine side to be revealed in any sort of sexual manner. This blog lets you show a little skin, while keeping God first. Love it.

    Roots to Blossom – This is a very deep and mature blog. It takes on something that I feel many people in our society lack – accountability. Check it out.

    Papa Sense – I enjoy getting the male perspective of child rearing. I really enjoy this blog.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is such an honor.

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