What I Know About: Encouraging Resolutions

In the car with the kids the other day and one of them brought up the topic of New year’s resolutions.

My oldest said “I don’t believe in new years resolutions, because you don’t keep them anyway.”

I stopped, I cannot believe that I have been doing this all these years, but had not passed the practice onto my child who is about to go out on her own.

Not only do I make them and I keep them.

I explained to her that every year I think through what I have done, what I want to do and I post my resolutions on my blog for everyone to see. It keeps me honest, and it gives me some place to go and remind myself about what I promised myself that I would do for me.

She asked, “like what? What are your resolutions.” I explained, last year I resolved to spend more time with my family.  Did I keep it? I asked.

“We might have spent too much time together” she answered.

“That’s just a goal.”

But that is exactly what a resolution is. A public declaration of a goal that you have for yourself.

So she thought for a bit, then asked “can going to college be my resolution?” It can be but why not dig deeper? Resolve to go to college with $5,000, no $10,000 in scholarship money. That will push you to really try your best to reach that goal this year.

From the back seat I hear a little voice “So mommy… what’s your resolution this year?”

This year we will buy a new house, baby. I will not give up because it is hard, I will save the money and go through the NACA program like aunt Erica told me about, sell this house and buy a new house that will comfortably fit our new bigger family. It’s going to be a long road but I am gonna do it. I am also going to be nicer to daddy.

That’s a good one mommy, you should be nicer to daddy.


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