I Think: Resolutions For a Lifetime, Not a Year

By: Mia Black

As I step into this year and put the lock on last year, I have been careful when I speak of my resolutions. These past two years, I have made sure that they are changes that will bring a new me, not a temporary me. My “diet” is not diet by the traditional diet standards. It just involves more vegetables, water, and less sweets. I pray that I will stick with my exercising and make it part of my lifestyle. And I’ve prayed to God that 2008 be the last year I work for anyone. So when I walk into 2009 I will be my own boss, running my publishing company. I want this to be the year that I learn to embrace faith, no more questioning if God hears my prayers and no more looking back. I’ve stepped into 2008 with some wonderful lessons from 2007, but it is only the lessons I will carry forward, not the mistakes, pains or strives.

Last year I asked that my house come to order. Through the grace and mercy of God, that has come to pass. With my house being in order, I can concentrate on myself this year and work on my dream of becoming a published author and business owner. And because God has blessed and surrounded me with so many positive people, I know in 2008 I can’t lose!

But this is what I mean about lifetime changes. When these things come to pass, they will be life altering and bring about change not only for me, but for my husband and children also. I will be liberated from the daily grind of a monotonous office job, and be at the forefront of my children’s legacy. How absolutely rewarding that will be. I can’t wait.


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